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The Special Startup Service is the world's most innovative business incubator to turn ideas into profitable startups, and startups into scaled enterprises.


S³ Platform

Empowers start-ups with tailored solutions, democratizing access to cutting-edge resources across various industries. With swift access and scalable technology, our platform levels the playing field, eliminating upfront investments, decreasing your technical debt and enabling your team to focus on innovation and market success.

  • Quick access to advanced cloud resources with demos and case studies
  • Comprehensive tools for rapid development, privacy, AI, and big data
  • Diverse integrations and resources for new entrepreneurs
  • Seamless growth, scaling, and adaptability of your cloud resources
  • Minimized staffing needs with efficient tools and automated systems
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S³ Consulting

Blends strategic guidance, technical expertise, and a startup-oriented approach to help emerging ventures succeed. Our experienced team offers tailored insights and solutions, enabling startups to navigate challenges and unlock their potential. Partner with S³ for a trusted ally who guides you from strategy to implementation

  • Tailored guidance for startup success
  • Advanced support for specific startup challenges
  • Experienced professionals across industries
  • Solutions focused on scaling businesses
  • Comprehensive help from strategy to execution
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S³ Academy

Involves practical activities focused on developing a working prototype and the necessary business documents to secure product funding. It covers key topics such as hiring personnel, managing finances, creating business and marketing plans, and other essential aspects specific to the startup environment

  • Create and manage a company from its inception
  • Develop technical prototypes and MVPs
  • Lead teams (marketing, design, financial)
  • Negotiate with investors and create business plans
  • Get support, consultations, a certificate, and Alumni pool access
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In search for team members for your Start-Up? We can help!

Our vast network, built over decades, offers our clients access to top-tier talent and strategic partnerships, ensuring you have the resources needed for growth and innovation.

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Whether you have a fresh idea, are developing an MVP, or already have a company generating revenue, our products and services can assist you. With over 45 years of experience our team has provided entrepreneurs with technical and managerial expertise. We have been part of every stage of companies' lifecycle - from birth to exit.

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